Announcements at Immanuel

Announcements for January 9, 2022

immanuelosmond | 07 January, 2022 13:10

WE WELCOME EVERYONE who has worshipped with us, especially Pastor William Engebretsen, who is filling in for Pastor Kirchoff this morning. We hope you will be able to worship with us again soon.

OUR READER for this morning is Doug Hartner and next Sunday our reader will be Ross Stelling. Helping with communion next week will be Larry Krohn and Ed Brummels.

CANDLELIGHTERS for this morning are Cali Gutz and Landon Oltjenbruns. Next Sunday they will be Zaylah Pfanstiel and Ella von Rentzell.

NAME BADGES-- we are asking members to wear their name badges, which can be found next to your picture in the old west entry, to help Pastor get to know our names and faces. (It will also help Pastor Engebretsen today!) PLEASE put your badges back before leaving the church, so they will be here for every worship service you attend. Thank You!

BOARD MEETINGS and CHURCH COUNCIL will be held this Wednesday evening, January 12th at 7:00 and 8:00 respectively. Minutes are printed and in the bulletin boxes of Council Members to read before the meeting.

THE LYF GROUP is going ice skating this Saturday, January 15th. We will leave from church at 5:45. The LYF will pay for the skating but the kids should bring extra money for snacks afterwards. If the basketball tournament runs late that day we may have one vehicle leave a little later to accommodate. Please RSVP to Jennifer by January 12th.

PERFECT ATTENDANCE FOR SUNDAY SCHOOL IN DECEMBER are the following members: Brigham Stelling, Braxton Stelling, Carter Gansebom, Shailey Orr, Trip Koehler, Bristal Stelling, Knox Koehler, Jameson Koehler, Toby Koehler, Cooper Kumm, Alyvia Koehler, Adalyn Koehler, and Dawson Gansebom.

SURVEY – In your bulletin last Sunday was a short survey (pink sheet) about the Christmas Season. If you haven’t already done so, please circle your answers and drop them in the box by next Sunday, January 16th. (Extras are on the bulletin ledge, in case you lost yours.) Thank You!

SAVE THE DATE: The annual LYF soup dinner will be February 6th. Please save your ice cream buckets for the LYF soup dinner. If anyone is willing to donate ground beef for the LYF soup dinner, please contact Jennifer at 402-360-3531.

PASTOR & SONJA are on vacation until Saturday. If you are in need of a pastor, Pastor Leckband from Foster will be on call. His phone number is 402-992-0509 or you may call one of the elders. Thank You!

THE LYF MEMBERS are serving bible class on Sunday mornings. All donations will go towards the National trip in Houston this summer.

ANNUAL REPORT: Please bring your annual reports to the church office as soon as possible so that the Annual Report can be printed as soon as possible. Copies of last year’s reports were put in certain bulletin boxes to help as a reminder! Thanks in advance!

REMINDER: Please save all BEST CHOICE labels/bar codes! Preschool is still saving the labels/bar codes. This is a continuous collection so you can collect them the whole year. There is a box on top of the bulletin boxes or you can place them in Julie Slagle’s box. Thank you!

THE LUTHERAN HOUR: Today -- "Facing Rejection" with Speaker: Rev. Dr. Michael Zeigler. How does one deal with rejection? Push through it? Rise above it? Or start over? (Luke 3:1-22) The Lutheran Hour—“Bringing Christ to the Nations and the Nations to the Church” on WJAG each Sunday at 7:30 A.M. and 12:30 P.M.

MAIN STREET LIVING NEWS: This is the Life – “Money for Marriage” – A woman’s decisions at work put strain on the new couple’s marriage. Worship Service – Rev. Nathan Peisch of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Ute, IA, delivers the message “Rise and Shine” based on Isaiah 60:1-6. These shows air today beginning at 10:00 AM on KCAU-9 TV.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN SETTING UP AUTOMATIC donation payments to Immanuel, please stop in the office and Deb will have you fill out the needed form.

THE POINSETTIAS: There are still some poinsettias on a table in the back of church. If you would like to take one, please feel free to take one or more home.

WE HAVE MET OUR GOAL to replace the sign on the NE corner of the church with a digital sign. We thank everyone who made donations to this wonderful mission project.

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