Announcements at Immanuel

Announcements for May 2, 2021

immanuelosmond | 30 April, 2021 09:11

WE WELCOME EVERYONE who has worshipped with us this morning. We hope you will be able to worship with us again soon.

OUR READER this morning is Paul Koehler and next Sunday our reader will be Ross Stelling. Helping with communion this morning are Ed Brummels and Larry Krohn.

CANDLELIGHTERS for this morning are Caleb Miller and Hunter Buchanan and next Sunday they will be Kenzie and Tucker von Rentzell.

MEMBERS OF THE SENIOR CLASS OF 2021 , who will graduate this coming Saturday and are celebrating their baccalaureate today here at Immanuel are:

   Blake Raymond Bahr, son of Jason & Rhonda Bahr

      Connor Paul Gutz, son of Marvin & Melanie Gutz

         Zachary Arthur Huwaldt, son of Bradley & Marla Huwaldt

            Parker Donald Johnson, son of Donald & Lisa Johnson

               Graysen Quinn Schultze, son of Timothy & Erin Schultze

                  Connor Nicholas von Rentzell, son of Aaron & Jennifer von Rentzell

TODAY’S BIBLE CLASS, continuing the series: “Dangerous Teachings of the Bible,” will focus on the person of Christ. There is no other person in history as significant as Jesus, the theanthropic man. Our culture permits us to worship Christ, as long as we worship a Christ, devoid of Biblical truth. Since each Bible class is a stand-alone unit, you can join any week and pick up the study.

THANK YOU to Jaxson Wingert who is playing the prelude to today’s worship service. The piece he is playing is “Classic Sonatina: Allegro, Andante and Presto”. Thank you for sharing your God-given talent with us today, Jaxson.

A DIGITAL SIGN is being considered to replace the sign on the NE corner of the church. A poster has been made and is in the back of church. Donations from memorials and/or members is how the sign will be paid for. The committee is considering this a mission project. Any questions may addressed to the committee: LaDonna Stanosheck, Randy Pfanstiel and Deb Gutz.

QUILTING LADIES: There will be quilting tomorrow at 1:00 p.m.

THE CALL MEETING SUNDAY NIGHT extended a Divine Call to Pastor Caleb Kruse, Associate Pastor at Lord of Life Lutheran Church, Elkhorn, NE to be pastor here at Immanuel. Please hold Pastor Kruse in your prayers as he considers this call. Pray that the Holy Spirit will guide him in discernment as to where he might better use his gifts in the Church. A decision should be reached in about 3 weeks.

WOULD YOU LIKE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the life of a young lady who may be experiencing an unplanned pregnancy? Birthright of Norfolk is hoping to expand its list of volunteers and would love to have you join them. They ask that you volunteer in their office one day a month for about 3 hours. They will provide you with the training you need to be a well-informed volunteer. If this sounds like something you would like to try, please contact Cindy Dinkel at 402-371-5188 and she will be happy to visit with you about becoming a Birthright volunteer. The training sessions will be hell in late May or early June.

MAIN STREET LIVING NEWS: This is the Life – “A Dream of His Own” – (which originally aired in 1974) A father and son are at odds when the construction company will evict an Indian family. Worship Service – Rev. Randy Cormeny of St. John’s Lutheran Church in Battle Creek, IA, delivers the message “The Vine” based on John 15:1-8.These shows air today beginning at 10:00 AM on KCAU-9 TV out of Sioux City.

THE LUTHERAN HOUR: Each week the nation’s longest-running Christian radio broadcast speaks to more than a million people about the matchless love of God as revealed in His Son Jesus Christ. The Lutheran Hour airs on WJAG-AM 780 and WJAG-FM 105.9 on Sundays at 7:30 AM and 12:30 PM.

RUBECKIA (BLACK EYED SUSANS) are on pop flats in both the east and west entrances this morning. Please take whatever you want.

Beckendorf May 2021 Update -

Dear Friends,

Greetings once again from Botswana! As you all are starting to warm up we are entering into Fall and are cooling down a bit. This is actually my favorite time of the year; the vegetation is still fairly green from the Summer rains (though we haven't had rain for about a month now) and the temperatures are much more bearable with highs in the 80's and lows in the 40's -- just about perfect.

The big news here is that we have just found out that our residency and work permits have been approved and are waiting for Tim to go down and pick them up (they are in the main town five hours south of us where we go to pick up supplies). It is such a relief to have these permits taken care of, especially since we were warned about others having their permits rejected because they home-school their children. We are definitely thankful for all your prayers on our behalf; the prayers have been graciously (and positively) answered.

We are still struggling to get both translators into the office at the same time to do team checking of what has been translated so far. One or the other will show up, but both at the same time is proving to be elusive. Please continue to keep Splash and Moronga, our translators, in your prayers; there is a lot of spiritual warfare going on and these two are really being affected by it.

Something coming up at the end of May will be our regional director and regional director-to-be making a trip to Botswana to visit the projects here. Our director, Jim Laesch, is retiring after a looong career with Lutheran Bible Translators and is passing the baton on to Sarah Esala, who served the Komba people in Ghana with her husband and family for many years and is now back in the States serving on the staff of LBT. The purpose of the visit is to acquaint Sarah with the projects and partners we work with. We are excited to have them come see us and our project -- especially since they have been gracious enough to agree to bring some things from the States for us . . . .

In our last update I told you that the only doctor in our area that I trust had COVID and was taken down to the capital city to get the care he

needed. Thankfully, after three weeks in the hospital he was released and is now back home taking it easy, recuperating, and gaining back his strength. We are so thankful to have him back!

Praises: - Thanksgiving that our residency and work permits have been approved! 

              - Thanksgiving that Dr. Philip is out of the hospital and back home.

              - Thanksgiving for beautiful weather .

Prayers:    * Please pray that the remaining Old Testament portions can be translated and checked this month.

                 * Please pray for good health for Splash, Moronga, their families, and us as we are in the Malaria season and Covid is spreading rapidly.

                 * Please pray for safe and uneventful travels for Jim Leasch and Sarah Esala.

Thank you again for all of your prayers on our behalf.

Tim, Lisa, Aaron & Andrew Beckendorf


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