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February 7, 2021 Announcements

immanuelosmond | 05 February, 2021 11:21

WE WELCOME EVERYONE who has worshipped with us this morning. We hope you will be able to worship with us again soon.

OUR READER for this morning is Larry Krohn, and next Sunday and Ash Wednesday our reader will be Ed Brummels. Helping with communion this morning are Paul Koehler and Ross Stelling.

CANDLELIGHTERS for this morning are Connor von Rentzell and Tucker von Rentzell. Next Sunday they will be Owen Severson and Caden Wingert. On Ash Wednesday they will be Kaden Polt and Riley Wagner.

COVID PRECAUTIONS AT SUNDAY WORSHIP: At the present time the Board of Elders have decided to maintain health caution at worship services. This means masks are encouraged but not required, handshaking is avoided, and communion distribution moved to the conclusion of the service. These changes are temporary to minimize COVID. The Lord’s Supper, a treasure of the Lord’s presence, is normally celebrated at the altar with blessing for each table. We treasure that intimate reception of the Body and Blood at the altar. While receiving the Sacrament at the conclusion of the service, walking out, doesn’t seem as reverent, it remains the holy Sacrament of the Lord. Pray that, through God’s blessing, all segments of our lives, at home, work, school, community and church will get back to a full normal.

ADULT BIBLE CLASS will be studying Exodus chapter 32 this morning. Chapter 32 covers Israel’s apostasy of worshipping the Golden Calf when Moses delayed coming down Mt. Sinai with the 10 Commandments. Chapter 32, hands down, contains the funniest verse of the entire Bible. Why not join Bible class today, find out the funniest Bible verse, but more, learn the value of following God.

DONATIONS FOR NEW STOCKING HATS, SCARVES AND BALL CAPS are being accepted to give to cancer patients taking chemo at Brian Health as a project for the senior nursing class of which Maggie Kruse is a member. A box is set up in the west entrance for donations. Donations being accepted through February 28th.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: Looking for 2-3 volunteers who would be willing to take care of flowers for Christmas, Easter, funerals or any other events during the year here at Immanuel. If interested, please contact Mike Johnson or the church office. Thank you!

WHAT ABOUT BOOKS have been revised and are available for you near the bulletin boxes. These books are easy to read and explain what Lutherans believe and teach about topics important for today.

MAIN STREET LIVING presents – “The Point of No Return” on This Is the Life. This color presentation discusses God’s limitless grace. Worship Service – Rev. Timothy Geitz of Grace Lutheran Church in LeMars, IA delivers the message “Healer or Preacher” based on Mark 1:29. These shows air today beginning at 10:00 AM on KCAU-9 TV out of Sioux City.

THE LUTHERAN HOUR: Each week the nation’s longest-running Christian radio broadcast speaks to more than a million people about the matchless love of God as revealed in His Son Jesus Christ. Today, "Stories Around the Table" Dr. Michael Zeigler shares a story about people who had more in common than they thought. (Mark 6-8)

MEN’S BIBLE STUDY will meet again this Thursday, February 11th at 6:30 AM. Men, young and old, are encouraged and invited to the study time.

PASTOR LILIENKAMP is available Wednesday afternoons from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM and Wednesday evenings. He will be teaching confirmation class from 4:00-5:30 PM. Thursday mornings, he is available before and after 9:00 AM Bible class. Thursday afternoon available until 3 PM. To ensure contact, please call Pastor Lilienkamp (402-369-2529). Thank You!

Work At Camp Luther This Summer! For the summer of 2021, Camp Luther has specific paid positions for high school students! High school students can apply to be a camp assistant and serve in the kitchen, on maintenance, or as the media tech, taking pictures and assisting with social media accounts. The application for high school students is below. Submit applications by emailing Nicole at programdirector@camp or mailing a paper copy to Camp Luther c/o Program Director, 1050 Road 4, Schuyler, NE 68661. Call or email Nicole at 402-352-5655 or for more information.

THE ASH WEDNESDAY PRAYER SERVICE will be hosted once again by our LWML organization on Wednesday, February 17th. The 2021 Prayer service, written by past LWML Pastoral Counselor, Rev. Robert Mundahl, is “He Prayed with Them”, based on Acts 20:36b. When was the last time you prayed with someone? Not for someone, but with someone? We are encouraged in Scripture to be people of prayer, and prayer marks us as children of the heavenly Father. He has promised to hear us and to answer our prayers. This service encourages and expands our life of prayer to include praying with others. Everyone is invited to attend.

SERMON SERIES FOR LENT & HOLY WEEK: The 40-day journey of Lent begins with the communion service on Ash Wednesday, February 17 at 7:00 PM. The Lenten services will use a weekly recitation of the Six Chief Parts of Luther’s Small Catechism. By reviewing the parts of the catechism, we can re-affirm the faith that we confess and live. The sermons will focus on the atoning blood of Jesus. These sermons will challenge us to cling to the Sacrament of the Altar where the body and blood of Christ are given for us. The sermon themes are as follows: February 17: Ash Wednesday: “The Blood That Cleanses” Hebrews 9:14-16

February 24: “The Blood That Pardons” Hebrews 9:15-22

March 3: “The Blood That Gives Access” Hebrews 10:19–22

March 10: “The Blood That Speaks” Hebrews 12:22–24

March 17: “Shared Blood” Hebrews 2:10–18

March 24: “The Blood That Sanctifies” Hebrews 13:9-16

April 2: Maundy Thursday: “The Blood of the Covenant” Exodus 24:3–11

April 3: Good Friday: “A Rich Burial” Isaiah 53:9 April 4:

April 4: Easter Sunrise: LYF message (followed by LYF Breakfast)

April 4: Easter: “With Him through Death” Daniel 3:1–29; 1 Peter 3:17–22; Matthew 27:57–66

FELLOWSHIP HOURS: We are looking for volunteers to serve for the weekly fellowship hours after midweek Lent services.

February 17(Ash Wednesday): LWML will serve

March 3: LYF will serve

March 24: Ladies Aid will serve

Dates still available: February 24: March 10: March 17:

Please contact the church office if you or your group is willing.

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