Announcements at Immanuel

July 26, 2020 Announcements

immanuelosmond | 24 July, 2020 10:44

WE WELCOME EVERYONE who has worshipped with us this morning.  We hope you will be able to worship with us again soon.


OUR READER for this morning is Hudson Schultze. Next Sunday the reader will be Mike Johnson.  Helping with Communion next week will be Dwight Kahny and Paul Koehler.

OUR CANDLELIGHTERS for this morning are Cali Gutz and Zaylah Pfanstiel. Next Sunday the candlelighters will be Kenzie von Rentzell and Riley Wagner.


PASTOR EMERY HAS ACCEPTED THE CALL to serve as pastor at Grace Lutheran Church in Fairbury, Nebraska.


NEXT WEEK WE WILL RETURN TO “NORMAL” CHURCH! We are resuming our worship liturgy in its usual place. That means, also, that communion will take place in its normal place. We ask that as we resume our routine, please be responsible for yourself. If you would like to keep your social distance, please do so. We will keep chairs set up in the fellowship area for that reason. Also, if you prefer not to commune at the rail with others, please sit toward the back and you can commune with those at the beginning of our distribution. Our collection basket will remain in the rear as we have been doing.


THE IMMANUEL LUTHERAN CEMETERY will be mowed tomorrow,   Monday, July 27th at 6:00 p.m.  The following members are asked to please come and help mow:

  Nick Johnson               Dwight Kahny           Doug Ketelsen

  Dean Koehler               Doug Koehler           Jared Koehler

  Jordan Koehler            Justin Koehler          Kevin Koehler

  Michael Koehler           Paul Koehler            Wayne Koehler

PLEASE NOTE!!  If you cannot come Monday evening, you may come Monday afternoon or Sunday evening, but please contact your chairman, Dave Blunck at 402-360-1182.  Women and older children are also welcome to help mow.  We need riders, push mowers, and trimmers in order to do a good job.


WHAT ABOUT BOOKS have been revised and are available for you. These books are easy to read and explain what Lutherans believe and teach about topics important for today. They are available near the bulletin boxes. 


ADDITIONAL DONATIONS NEEDED:  The cemetery directory committee is asking for more donations so that the shelter for the cemetery directory can be finished.  Approximately $7,000 is still needed.  Your donations can be put in the offering and we ask that you please note on your check that is what your donation is for.

THANK YOU to everyone who brought sheets and blankets to be used by the quilting ladies.  We appreciate your donations for our “Quilts for Missions”.


LUTHERAN HOUR MINISTRIES produce and airs radio and TV programming around the world in more than 80 languages.  The Lutheran Hour is the flagship radio program for Lutheran Hour Ministries.  This 30-minute broadcast is the world’s oldest continually broadcast Gospel radio program.  It airs weekly on WJAG-AM 780 or FM105.9 at 7:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. 


THIS IS THE LIFE AND WORSHIP SERVICES THROUGH MAIN STREET LIVING are held each Sunday on KCAU-9 from Sioux City at 10:00 and 10:30 respectively. Today on This is the Life -“Spite” – Negative emotions and grudges are destructive but forgiveness allows people to move forward.  The worship service today is led by Rev. Jake Bobby from First Trinity Lutheran in Bloomfield.


THE COMMUNITY GARDEN is being planted for the benefit of our community. The produce will be for anyone who would like some. Volunteers are needed to help with all aspects of the garden. If you would like to help, contact pastor and he will help you get started! You can work once or more often as you wish.


PLEASE HELP us keep the church clean and sanitary by taking all of your personal possessions and trash with you as you leave church today.


THE SECRETARY will be out of  the office beginning this Friday through August 12th.  Julie Slagle will print the bulletin for August 9th.  If you have a note to go in the bulletin, please e-mail it to the church office at or leave a note on the secretary’s desk. 


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