Announcements at Immanuel

June 21 2020 Announements

immanuelosmond | 21 June, 2020 11:54

WE WELCOME EVERYONE who has worshipped with us this morning. We hope you will be able to worship with us again soon.

OUR READER for this morning is Larry Krohn and next Sunday our reader will be Karter Johnson. Helping with communion this morning are Paul Koehler and Dwight Kahny.

BIBLE CLASSES have resumed! – Thursdays at 9:00 a.m. and Sundays after worship. Our Sunday class will continue to study our liturgy and why we worship the way we do. Thursday mornings we will study the scripture readings for the upcoming Sunday. Everyone is welcome!

WHAT ABOUT BOOKS have been revised and are available for you. These books are easy to read and explain what Lutherans believe and teach about topics important for today. They are available near the bulletin boxes.

REFRIGERATOR MAGNETS are available for you to take home. They have the information you need to hear the daily phone devotions provided by our Osmond pastors and donated by American Broadband. Please take as many as you need, and then take an extra to share with a neighbor! They are available near the bulletin boxes.

THE QUILTING LADIES are in need of some good used flat sheets for the backs of their quilts. If you have anything your think they could use, please bring them to the church office and they will be picked up. Thank you!

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to all of you fathers, grandfathers, and great-grandfathers! May God bless you today and always!

THE LUTHERAN HOUR —“Bringing Christ to the Nations and the Nations to the Church” on WJAG each Sunday at 7:30 A.M. and 12:30 P.M. Today, June 21: “Powered by Touch” Speaker: Rev. Dr. Michael Zeigler New Series begins on Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5:21-32)

PLEASE HELP us keep the church clean and sanitary by taking all of your personal possessions and trash with you as you leave church today.

THE COMMUNITY GARDEN is being planted for the benefit of our community. The produce will be for anyone who would like some. Volunteers are needed to help with all aspects of the garden. If you would like to help, contact pastor and he will help you get started! You can work once or more often as you wish.

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