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Beckendorf June Update

immanuelosmond | 05 June, 2020 13:06

Dear Friends,

Greetings again from Botswana.

 Another short update from us this month, there is still not much happening on which to report. Restrictions are slowly being eased and stores are mostly open, though there are still restrictions and regulations as to how many people can congregate and cleaning and temperature-taking requirements are in effect. Thank goodness we no longer have to acquire permits to leave our house!

 Due to to requirements Tim and the translators are still not getting together to work just yet; we need to get an appropriate thermometer and other supplies to be in compliance -- and frankly, the extensive cleaning requirements sound like a hassle for our small group. This is unfortunate because we really don't know what work has been done by the translators and what further guidance they need, and communication with the translators has been really difficult. Tim has pretty much finished as much work as he can do without meeting with the translators, so he has been working on our Khwedam dictionary and tackling other projects around the house; like cleaning off his desk, organizing my school shelf which was so full is was bowing (and a hazard), and going after the termites who are getting into some shelves in the kitchen. He and the boys are still throwing a Frisbee around every late afternoon and going on walks around the farm where they have seen hippos, a Pells fishing owl, a sitatunga (a rare small antelope-ish animal that lives in the papyrus), lots of snake tracks, crocodiles, etc. We are so thankful we live where they can roam around like this. This coming week he is planning on going down to the main town four hours from us and doing another major supply run -- we aren't desperate yet but it would be good to stock up a little.

Praises: - Thanksgiving for supplies and friends who share.

            - Thanksgiving that we and the translators can work from home. 

            - Thanksgiving that we have a lot of space in which to be 'locked down' (a farm).

Prayers:     * Please pray that the translators and Tim would be able to continue work, each on his own (typically the translators are much more productive when they work in a group).

                * Please pray that our team will reach our goal for the year.

                * Please pray for Tim as he goes down to get supplies.

Thank you again for all of your prayers on our behalf.

Tim, Lisa, Aaron & Andrew Beckendorf


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