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Beckendorf May Update

immanuelosmond | 20 May, 2020 11:03

Dear Friends, Greetings again from Botswana.

Well, I guess this will be a short update; with the pandemic going on and being in lock-down nothing has really been happening here to report on. We are very grateful that Tim got us fairly well stocked up before everything closed, so we have been doing well. Some essential services have been open, and there has been opportunity to order food from some warehouses -- with a few glitches: we have ordered twice from the one place and never have gotten our orders; but friends of ours ordered four kilograms of chicken legs (about five pounds) and received 22 kg of legs (about 48 pounds). We were glad to help them out with their extra. On the other hand, we ordered ten boxes of matches from a different place and received 100 boxes and so can share those. God has been good, and has supplied all our needs (though it makes me wonder what is coming that we need so many matches!).

Botswana is starting to open up a little more (only six active cases of the virus right now), though rules could be tightened again if the number of people getting sick spikes. The problem is that the new rules for businesses and public places are hard for most businesses to implement, so many of them are just not opening or are having very restricted hours. That makes it chancy to try and go out and get things done since we still need to request permits to leave our house which are shown at all police check points. Hopefully these restrictions will be further loosened in the near future.

Work-wise we aren't sure what the translators are up to. Splash and Moronga were supposed to upload their completed work every Friday, but so far Moronga has only been able to accomplish this once; Splash, not at all. We are thinking this is due to technical problems; communication has been very difficult with them. We are praying that work is still actually being done, that it's just a case of not being able to upload it to where Tim can see it. It should be interesting to see what has been done when they can all get together again. Otherwise the pandemic really hasn't affected our family too much, homeschooling is still happening whether the boys want to do it or not.

Praises: - Thanksgiving for supplies and friends who share.

- Thanksgiving that we and the translators can work from home.

- Thanksgiving that we have a lot of space in which to be 'locked down' (a farm).

Prayers: * Please pray that the translators and Tim would be able to continue work, each on his own (typically the translators are much more productive when they work in a group).

* Please pray that our team will reach our goal for the year.

* Please pray for Botswana, that the virus spread would be minimal and people would take precautions.

Thank you again for all of your prayers on our behalf.

Tim, Lisa, Aaron & Andrew Beckendorf
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