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Beckendorf April Update

immanuelosmond | 08 April, 2020 09:27

Dear Friends,

Greetings once again. Yes, it has been a long while since you heard from us, unfortunately the long intervals between updates seems to be becoming a habit with me . . . .

Well, I guess "change" is the word for the year. Things we had been planning on are now up in the air -- as I'm sure is the case for many of you also. Our main goal for this year is to publish our 'Panoramic Bible' for the Khwe; a Bible that has the main portions of the Old and New Testaments showing our need for a Savior and the good news of Jesus come into the world. We have been working on this for a long time, and were really hoping we could get this done and printed in 2020. Of course, God has his timeline, and it still could be possible that this goal is reached, but the virus pandemic will have an impact on it. Until the pandemic is over it will not possible to have community checks, or team checks. Checking with our consultant could be done remotely and we are thankful for the technology that allows for that. As of now, Botswana has a few Coronavirus cases and at least one death. Our borders are closed, we are not allowed to leave our home/yard, many businesses are shut down, and public transportation has been stopped. Our translation office has closed by order of the Bible Society, so Tim worked up schedules in advance of the lock down for what the translators are supposed to get done while they are home. We are very thankful that Tim was able to travel down to Maun to get supplies two weeks ago and we should be fine for a month or more, except for fresh food (and even then we may be able to get something from nearby).

We are also very thankful to be living on a farm, so we have plenty of space in which to isolate ourselves. Tim and the boys have been having Frisbee golf tournaments every afternoon; one 'hole' is throwing the Frisbee over the house and land it on the water-tank on the other side (it is LOUD when a Frisbee hits a tin roof!), another 'hole' is a par 13 (or thereabouts) down our driveway with electric fencing, cacti patches, and the bush being the 'hazards' -- lots of holes, and they come back a bit bedraggled, but at least they are getting their exercise.

Any other changes? Well, yes. In December Tim successfully completed all his doctorate stuff and officially graduated in January. He is relieved. He would like to start visiting other translation projects with Dr. Megahan, our consultant, in preparation for being a consultant on his own at some point.

Praises: - Thanksgiving for supplies and the possibility that we may be able to get more via a truck that might come once a week from down south.

            - Thanksgiving that we and the translators can work from home.

Prayers: * Please pray that the translators and Tim would be able to continue work, each on his own (typically the translators are much more productive when they work in a group).

             * Please pray that our team will reach our goal for the year. * Please pray for Botswana, that the virus spread would be minimal and people would take precautions.

Thank you again for all of your prayers on our behalf.

Tim, Lisa, Aaron & Andrew Beckendorf

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