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June 16n 2019 Announcements

immanuelosmond | 14 June, 2019 12:31

WE WELCOME EVERYONE who has worshipped with us this morning, especially our guests. We hope you can worship with us again soon.

IF YOU PLAN TO RECEIVE HOLY COMMUNION DURING THIS MORNING'S WORSHIP SERVICE, please register with the elders in the secretary's office before the worship service begins.

OUR CANDLE LIGHTERS scheduled for next Sunday will be Diandra Polt and Madeline Huwaldt.

OUR READER for this morning's worship service is Doug Hartner. Next Sunday our reader will be Kaden Polt. Helping with communion this morning are Aaron von Rentzell and Dwight Kahny.

ADDRESSES NEEDED! The Sunday School is looking for names and addresses of members of Immanuel who are in the military either stateside or serving overseas. Please contact Jared Koehler or the church office. Thank you.

HELP NEEDED! On July 10th, the Sunday School is going to care for God's troops. They will be putting together care packages and sending them to troops state side and overseas. We are asking for the congregation to have a helping hand in donating items to make it successful. Items to be included could be healthy snacks, homemade baking, candy, books, magazines, newspapers, games, and a letter from yourself or a child. Keep in mind that everything we put in needs to fit in a shoebox!! Contact Jared Koehler @ 402-360-2919 for details.

OUR SINCERE THANKS for the many prayers sent heavenward during David's long journey with cancer. He appreciated hearing from the Immanuel church family with words of encouragement. We wish to thank the many acts of kindness shown to our family: those who furnished food for the funeral dinner, the cards, memorials, kind words, sharing memories, or perhaps a hug. He is now in heaven rejoicing in his new life with his Lord and Savior. That is our comfort. Don & Joan Streich

THE IMMANUEL LUTHERAN CEMETERY will be mowed on Monday, June 17th at 6:30 p.m. The following members of Immanuel are asked to please come and help mow:

Dean Stueckrath          Jerry Dennis           Clark Gansebom

David Boyle                 Brody Friedrich       Kent Gansebom

Rob Broekemeier         Meril Friedrich         Larry Gansebom

Josh Brummels            Beau Gansebom      Randy Gansebom

PLEASE NOTE!! If you cannot come Monday evening, you may come in the afternoon or evening on Sunday or the afternoon on Monday, but please contact your chairman, Marvin Kumm, at 402-748-3228 so that he knows who helped and your name is not put back on the list for the next mowing. Women and older children are also welcome to help mow. We need riders, push mowers, and trimmers in order to do a good job.

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who helped in any way with the Vacation Bible School this past week – to those who donated food, prepared and served the lunches, helped with registration, helped check in and out the children, brought your children/grandchildren/neighbors, led Bible Study time, helped with cleanup all week or helped in any other way – Your help did not go unnoticed. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Dear Friends,

Greetings once again, we hope this finds you enjoying the last days of Spring. We know many of you are having a lot of rain -- too much of it in fact. We are wishing we could share in some of that rain as we are in drought conditions and are likely not to get rain until November or December.

We are continuing to plug along. Work is going very slowly and we are really seeing a lot of spiritual warfare. We realize spiritual warfare is not really recognized in our modern society, and most of us don't think about it much. However, evil spirits do exist, and the things our translators (and us, to some extent) are experiencing are real and are affecting their work. We ask that you would continue to keep Splash, Moses, and Moronga in your prayers.

Otherwise, we are getting ready to have some of the people from the Bible Society of Botswana (BSB) come and visit our area next week. The purpose of the visit is for the BSB people to meet with Khwe community leaders and to mobilize support in the community for our Bible translation program. This was actually to have been done years ago, but we are so remote and there were some changes and happenings within the BSB which just kept it from happening. We are happy they are going to visit our area now, hopefully it will be a very positive thing for the Khwe.

Tim is also continuing to write his thesis for his doctorate program. He has just finished his fourth chapter and it has been approved. He now has to write his last chapter. Hopefully he will be able to do that and have it approved before our furlough; then he should be able to defend his thesis while we are on furlough and hopefully receive his doctorate next Spring. Any prayers on Tim's behalf are appreciated.

- Thanksgiving for the coming visit of people from the Bible Society of Botswana.
- Thanksgiving that Tim has only one more chapter to write on his thesis.
- Thanksgiving for Splash, Moses and Moronga.

* Please pray that visit by BSB would go well and really encourage the Khwe communities.
* Please pray that Tim would be able to get his thesis done.
* Please pray that the translation team would be protected against spiritual attack.

Thank you again for all of your prayers on our behalf.

Tim, Lisa, Aaron & Andrew Beckendorf

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