Announcements at Immanuel

June 2, 2019 Announcements

immanuelosmond | 31 May, 2019 12:41

WE WELCOME EVERYONE who has worshipped with us this morning, especially our guests. We hope you will be able to worship with us again soon.

IF YOU PLAN TO RECEIVE HOLY COMMUNION DURING THIS MORNING'S WORSHIP SERVICE, please register with the elders in the secretary's office before the worship service begins.

THE CANDLE LIGHTERS for next Sunday will be Kenzie von Rentzell and Riley Wagner.

THE READER for this morning is Doug Hartner. Next Sunday the reader will be Mike Johnson.

Helping with Communion this morning are Dwight Kahny and Aaron von Rentzell.

Our Stewardship for the Lord last Week

Church Attendance 143

General Fund Offering $3,737.00

LYF PARTY which includes the Senior Farewell/Freshmen Welcoming will be held on Saturday, June 8th at 6:00 p.m. at Shawn & Jennifer Gansebom's home at 86095 547 Avenue, Osmond, NE. Please bring a lawn chair. Supper provided.

FLOWERS ON THE ALTAR AND ORGAN are from the funeral of David Streich. We thank the family for sharing with us.

VBS WILL BE HELD HERE AT IMMANUEL – JUNE 10-13 from 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. with an ice cream social/closing program on Thursday evening. There are sign-up sheets for food donations near the bulletin boxes. Volunteers are needed to help during the VBS mornings also!! Please contact Phil or Deb Gutz if you are willing to help with VBS. There is also a table to pick up forms and/or register your child/children. A link for the forms can also be found on our church Facebook page.

THE IMMANUEL LUTHERAN CEMETERY will be mowed on Monday, June 3rd at 6:30 p.m. The following members of Immanuel are asked to please come and help mow:

Alton Streich            Jared Wingert          Rob Broekemeier

Dean Stueckrath      Curtis Alderson        Ed Brummels

Chris Wagner           James Bessmer       Josh Brummels

Ed Wattier               David Boyle             Rod Brummels

PLEASE NOTE!! If you cannot come Monday evening, you may come in the afternoon or evening on Sunday or the afternoon on Monday, but please contact your chairman, Dave Blunck, at 402-748-3603 so that he knows who helped and your name is not put back on the list for the next mowing. Women and older children are also welcome to help mow. We need riders, push mowers, and trimmers in order to do a good job.

BIBLICAL STYLE SHOW LUNCHEON – The members of Zion LWML Agape and Katherine Circles would like to invite our congregation to a Biblical Style Show and pulled pork/salad lunch. It will be held on Saturday, June 8, 2019 at 10:30 a.m. at Zion Lutheran Auditorium in Pierce. There will be a free will donation to benefit mission projects.

Dear Friends at Immanuel, Greetings in Christ from Uganda. Thank you for your generous support of God's work among is people. Your partnership enables us to walk beside the Lutheran Church Uganda (LCU) as they seek to equip faithful pastors for a growing church body. People here are interested in knowing and understanding more about God's Word, but there is a serious shortage of trained Lutheran leaders. The LCU is working to address these needs and we are a part of that training process. We have had a number of enlightening visits to congregations, villages and homes. We see the great need for clear biblical teaching among the adults and the large population of children. Most have no access to the bible. Thank you for your prayers and financial support that enables us to train leaders that will in turn communicate the clear message of our crucified and risen Savior to many people in southeast Africa.

Please keep us in your prayers as we make many adjustments to life here in Uganda.

"Oh give thanks to the Lord, call o His name, make known his deeds among the peoples."

1 Chronicles 16:8 Serving the Savior in Uganda,

Rev. Michael Schempf and Karen

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