Announcements at Immanuel

Announcements for October 14, 2018

immanuelosmond | 11 October, 2018 14:40

WE WELCOME EVERYONE who has worshipped with us this morning, especially our guests. We hope you can worship with us again soon.


OUR CANDLE LIGHTERS for this morning's worship service are Logan Stelling and Graysen Schultze. Next Sunday, they will be Keaton Timmerman and Connor von Rentzell.


OUR READER for this morning's worship service is Ed Brummels.


THERE WILL NOT BE ANY SUNDAY SCHOOL OR PARENT'S BIBLE STUDY THIS MORNING, so that everyone can attend the Windsor Loin Dinner.


WASHING OF REBIRTH: Pearl Gaylene Koehler, daughter of Mark and Kate Koehler, born July 30, 2018, will be brought into God's Kingdom of Grace through the washing of Holy Baptism in our service this morning. Kinzie Utecht and Kimberly Huwaldt will serve as sponsors. We thank the LORD for making Pearl his child and heir, through Holy Baptism, and we pray that she will continue to live in her baptismal grace all the days of her life and into eternity. God bless you, Pearl.


THE QUARTERLY VOTERS' MEETING with election of officers will be held this Wednesday evening, October 17th at 8:00 p.m.


THE LYF IS SELLING JOURNEY OF FAITH CANDLES AND RADA CUTLERY to raise money for those attending the National Youth Gathering being held in Minneapolis – July 2019. They will be selling now until the end of October. Thank you for supporting the LYF and for helping offset the cost of the Gathering.


ATTENTION MEMBERS OF IMMANUEL AGE 70 AND OVER!!! Mark your calendars! The members of the Ladies Aid are planning to host their annual Senior Citizen's Dinner for members of Immanuel age 70 and older and their spouses next Sunday, October 21st. at noon. Please make plans to attend.


A NEW HEARING ASSIST SYSTEM HAS BEEN INSTALLED and is operational. For anyone wanting to try a unit out, they are in a basket by the mailboxes. Just pick one up before church and return it after the service.


THE MONTHLY "CARD PARTY" will be held Tuesday, October 16th at 2:00 p.m. in the party room at Johnson Park Estates. You are invited to join us for an hour of fellowship as we prepare greeting cards for the November birthdays and anniversaries.




A NEW MEMBER CLASS will begin Sunday, November 4, immediately following worship. Please pass the word and contact Pastor if you or anyone you know may be interested.


MARK NOVEMBER 5 ON YOUR CALENDAR. Rev. Dr. Lamb will return to Immanuel and lead us in a discussion and completion of a Durable Power of Attorney. In addition, Pastor and Todd Stonacek will discuss Christian funeral planning.


FOLLOWING DENISE'S RETIREMENT ON OCTOBER 31ST, DEB GUTZ will be the new church secretary. We welcome Deb, and ask the Lord's blessings, as she returns as Immanuel's secretary.


A FAREWELL RETIREMENT RECEPTION will be hosted for Denise on Sunday, November 11, immediately following worship services. She has faithfully served Immanuel since April 1985! We give thanks to God for Denise! Everyone is encouraged to stay for cake and coffee.


PASTOR EMERY WANTS TO VISIT YOU! If you would like to volunteer for a time for Pastor to stop at your home for a brief visit, please contact him by text or phone. He would like to visit every member. Mornings, afternoons or evenings are available. Please let him know when he can stop and see you!



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