Announcements at Immanuel

Announcements for June 24, 2018

immanuelosmond | 22 June, 2018 13:43

WE WELCOME EVERYONE who has worshipped with us this morning, especially our guests.


THE CANDLE LIGHTERS for this morning's worship service are Haven and Graysen Schultze. Next Sunday morning they will be Blake Bahr and Zach Huwaldt.


OUR READER for this morning's worship service is an LYF member. Next Sunday our reader will be Aaron von Rentzell. Preparing and helping distribute Holy Communion next Sunday will be Doug Hartner and Ed Brummels.


THANK YOU to everyone who came to help mow the cemetery last week. Your willingness to help is very much appreciated.


CHURCH DINNER: Preliminary preparations have begun for the Church Dinner October 14. The committee is looking for one final member to help chair the event. The position is technically for two years. You will be a trainee this year, and you will be one of two leaders next year. (As the newbie last year, I was nervous about volunteering, but I discovered that over the years, the gals have fine-tuned the procedure, and it actually runs pretty easily. We just need to make up some lists, make some phone calls, and point people in the right direction the night before and the day of. Please consider volunteering! Lea).

Also, we are looking for some folks willing to put up some extra sweet corn that we can use for the dinner. We need approximately 24 gallons, so we will need several volunteers for this donation. Please contact either Deb Gutz, 402-640-3489, or Lea McKenna, 402-748-3407, and let us know what you believe you will be able to donate if you are willing to do this.


MITES FOR MISSIONS—The LWML Mite Box is on the stand beside the bulletin boxes. We continue to collect for our Mission Projects and invite anyone to share your coins with us. We appreciate and thank you for your donations to mites. If you have a Mite Box at home and would like to bring it in and empty it in the "Big Mite Box", please feel free to do so.


CAMP LUTHER VBS concluded at Immanuel this week. Here are the stats!

This year's VBS Theme was "Beautiful Feet"

We had 67 enrolled with an average daily attendance of 61

Our mission project was the Uganda Clean Water project to help fund building wells. We raised over $450.00!

Camp Luther hosted a LYF night with songs, games & Bible stories

We hosted lunch each day with yummy lunches and great kitchen people. The members of Immanuel donated food for the meals along with an Action Team Thrivent Grant.

Special thanks for VBS volunteers this year –

Rod & Jane Brummels – Camp Luther Host Family

Preschool Teachers -- Christy Koehler & Chelsea Wiese

Registration – Amanda Koehler

Group Leaders -- Dwight Kahny, Mary Kahny, Madeline Huwaldt,

Hannah Gutz, Pastor Emery

Kitchen -- Janet Pfanstiel, Jennifer Gansebom, Lisa von Rentzell,

Tiffany Koehler, Amanda Koehler, Lacy Stelling, Amy Weber,

Kenzie von Rentzell & Zaylah Pfanstiel

Immanuel Board of Education – Linda Gutz and Lori Koehler

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