Announcements at Immanuel

Announcements for May 31, 2015

immanuelosmond | 29 May, 2015 13:53

WE WELCOME EVERYONE who has worshipped with us this morning, especially our guests. We hope you will be able to worship with us again soon.

THE CANDLE LIGHTERS for this morning's worship service are Clay Johnson and Marina De La Cruz. Next Sunday they will be Caleb Krohn and Brenden Hille.

WE REMEMBEER IN OUR PRAYERS TODAY: Norris Pfanstiel, Meril Friedrich, Bernice Kumm, Todd Prince, Beulah Rokahr, Myron Kiichler, Ronda Wiese, Gerardo Herrera, and Benjamin Sauser. We also include a prayer for Courtney Wiese and Spencer Bradley, who plan to be married, here at Immanuel next Saturday. If you have prayer requests for family or friends, please notify Pastor or the church secretary to have them added or removed.

This Week at Immanuel

Today 9:30 Matins Worship;     10:30 Sunday School and Bible Classes

Monday Secretary out of office;     6:30 Cemetery Mowing

Tuesday 9:00 Bible Study;     Secretary out of office

Wednesday Secretary out of office

Saturday 4:00 Courtney Wiese and Spencer Bradley Wedding

Next Sunday 9:30 Worship with Holy Communion;     10:30 Sunday School and Bible Classes


THE SECRETARY WILL NOT BE IN THE OFFICE on Monday thru Wednesday of this week.



Cemetery mowing will be held tomorrow, Monday, June 1st at 6:30 p.m. The following members are asked to please come and help mow:

Brody Friedrich       Doug Gansebom        Roger Gray

Ryan Gallagher       Kent Gansebom         Aaron Gutz

Beau Gansebom      Randy Gansebom      Byron Gutz

Clark Gansebom      Loren Gerdes           James Gutz

If you cannot come at that time, you may come Sunday evening or anytime during the day on Monday, but please contact your chairman, Rich Lind.

If you cannot come at all please get someone to come in your place. Women and older children are welcome to come also. We need riders, push mowers and trimmers.

Reminder: Please contact your chairman, if you plan to come during the day on Monday or on Sunday evening, or if you cannot come at all, so that he knows who has helped mow so that your name is not put on the list again the next time.

Thank you,   Chairman, Rich Lind---------------------------------748-3840


TUESDAY MORNING BIBLE STUDY will meet at 9:00 a.m.


VBS is scheduled to be held this year June 15th thru June 19th. Plans are to have VBS in the forenoons this year with the closing program and picnic on Friday evening. A sign-up sheet for helpers is posted in the back of the church. Coordinating this year's VBS is Chelsea Wiese assisted by Janet Pfanstiel. If you feel that you can help out in any way, please contact Janet or Chelsea.


A SIGN-UP SHEET is posted in the rear of the church for food donations for VBS. Monetary donations for the main part of the noon luncheons are also being accepted and may be given to Jennifer Gansebom, Chelsea Wiese or Janet Pfanstiel.


SUMMER SUNDAY SCHOOL!!! Welcome to I Spy Salvation's Story. Why is there building debris scattered across the ground? What does the red cord hanging from that window mean? Whom does this worn broom belong to? Get ready to investigate and find the answer to these questions and more. This summer, we will dig into Biblical mysteries at I Spy Salvation's Story. Using clues from the Bible, we will solve the mystery and gain a better understanding of God's Word. Each week, look for clues in the bulletin to help us investigate and solve a mystery.


WE ARE IN NEED OF THREE SUNDAY SCHOOL TEACHERS EACH SUNDAY THROUGHOUT THE SUMMER. There is a sign-up sheet at the back of the church. You are able to pick any Sunday, or two, that would work best for you. Anyone can teach...the kids need all of us. Please take time to pray and see if this is the right choice for you. Come be a part of our Sunday school! If you have any questions, talk to Kristie or Curtis. Thank You!!


LUTHER CARE SERVICES, a non-profit company that manages the Luther Park Campus, has provided quality services for mature Iowans, meeting their physical, spiritual, social and psychological needs at a beautiful campus. The LWML will be collecting items for the LWML Convention in June in Des Moines. This will help them provide some resources for their residents:

Crayola regular markers        Colored Pencils        Tempura Paint        Glue or glue sticks      School Paint Brushes        Pony Beads          Crayons        Pony Bead Laces

There is a box in the front entry of the church if you would like to bring something for our in-gathering.


THE OSMOND FOOD PANTRY AT THE UNITED METHODIST CHURCH is in need of the following items: Canned fruit, peanut butter, mac and cheese, personal items, paper products, and laundry soap. They do not need canned vegetables, and dried pasta products, other than the Mac and cheese. Also, please check the expiration date on the food products before you donate them. Thank You.


REMINDER: The Q125 Committee is now accepting items of interest pertaining to Osmond's History. They will be displayed at the Q125 Headquarters located in the building located South of Cornerstone Management during the week-end celebration. Please have all items marked with your name and address for identification. Also include names, brief description/history of item.  Committee members to contact for more information are Adam or Tiffany Rice, Pat or Robbie Gansebom or Brad or Chris Adamson.


FIRST TRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH, BLOOMFIELD, NE LADIES NIGHT: Have you ever considered taking a road trip – to another country? Do you ever watch the news about all that is happening in other countries and wonder what CHRISTIAN MISSIONARIES are doing there? Well, come join us for a road trip with TRAVIS LOECKER and PASTOR KOESTER as they relate their experiences on a recent trip to Haiti. We will also learn about opportunities to become involved in upcoming mission trips. Come join us for an evening of food, fellowship and enlightenment in First Trinity's fellowship hall on June 9th at 7:00 p.m.


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