Announcements at Immanuel

Beckendorf July Update

immanuelosmond | 03 July, 2020 10:08

Dear Friends, Greetings again from Botswana.

Another short update from us this month, there is still not much happening on which to report. Restrictions are continuing to slowly being eased and stores are mostly open, though there are still restrictions and regulations as to how many people can congregate and cleaning and temperature-taking requirements are in effect. Travel is opening up a little more, but with South Africa reporting exponentially more cases of the virus each day there is a very good possibility we could become more restricted again.

The translation office opened up again for work the last half of June. Unfortunately, when everyone first met and Tim was able to find out what all had been accomplished during the time of lock-down he was disappointed to find out that Splash had had no access to electricity and so couldn't run his computer. Moses' eyes have gotten so bad that he is, for all practical purposes, blind and can't see well enough to do any writing or work on a computer (before the Coronavirus hit we had planned on taking him and another friend we have and going to Namibia to an eye specialist there -- that is now on hold indefinitely). Moronga has gotten some verses done, though not as many as we had hoped for. Since the office has been re-opened Moronga and Tim have been working on the book of Daniel. However, because of fuel shortages Tim is not driving in to work each day and that is also slowing things down.

Things continue to go well on the home-front; homeschooling is going well. However, it looks like Botswana will not re-open borders in the near future -- the latest scuttlebutt is that borders will be closed until the new year. This means that we will not be able to take our usual furlough this year. It also means all mail in or out of the country has been suspended. I am beginning to be concerned about what this means for our homeschooling -- we have enough to keep going for about 10 weeks but after that we will need to have something new on hand.

We continue to appreciate living on a farm. The other day I (Lisa) decided I needed to get some exercise, so I went to walk the fence-line that borders the farm. About 10 minutes into my walk I realized that what I was looking at on the other side of the fence was a huge elephant . . . no, two elephants . . . uh, four elephants about 50 feet from me. The lead elephant and I saw each other at about the same time, and I think we both surprised each other, we all stopped dead. Thank goodness the tall electric fence was between me and them! Then the lead elephant took a few steps and brought his ears forward (a warning sign) and I hightailed it into the nearby bush so they couldn't see me. The elephants turned around and went back the way they came, and I climbed out of the bush and beat a hasty retreat back home. Telling Tim of my adventure that evening he remarked afterwards "You know that the electric fence isn't on, right?"


- Thanksgiving for supplies and friends who share.

- Thanksgiving that restrictions are being lifted (slowly).

- Thanksgiving for good health and safety.


* Please pray that the work will continue according to God's timing.

* Please pray that our team will reach our goal for the year.

* Please pray Botswana will be spared the severity of the Coronavirus that South Africa is experiencing.

Thank you again for all of your prayers on our behalf.

Tim, Lisa, Aaron & Andrew Beckendorf

July 5 2020 Announcements

immanuelosmond | 03 July, 2020 10:06

WE WELCOME EVERYONE who has worshipped with us this morning. We hope you will be able to worship with us again soon.

OUR READER for this morning is Dwight Kahny, and next Sunday our reader will be Paul Koehler. Helping with communion this morning are Mike Johnson and Larry Krohn.

CANDLELIGHTERS for this morning are Kaden Polt and Kenzie von Rentzell. Next Sunday they will be Riley Wagner and Mason Gansebom.

THE FLOWERS in the chancel are from the funerals of LaVonne Slagle and Beulah Rokahr. Thanks to the families for helping make our church beautiful.

CHURCH COUNCIL AND BOARD MEETINGS will be held this Wednesday evening, July 8th. Due to not having meetings last quarter, and so much to discuss – the annual budget, cemetery directory, trees, and flooring, among other items, the Board meetings will begin at 7:00 pm, followed by the Council meeting at 8:30 pm.

VOTER’S MEETING will be held next Wednesday, July 15th and will also begin an hour earlier at 7:00 pm.

THE FLOORING COMMITTEE will be presenting different options for possible new flooring for the Church at the July 15th Voter's meeting. Please plan on attending this meeting to acquire information regarding this project. Thank you. Flooring Committee - Patti Ketelsen, Pam Johnson and Joan Streich

PASTOR EMERY HAS RECEIVED A CALL to serve as pastor at Grace Lutheran Church in Fairbury, Nebraska. He welcomes your comments concerning his prayerful consideration of where God wants him to best serve the kingdom. Pastor Emery still has a call to serve us here at Immanuel and wants to be very diligent in his discernment of Gods will. He would like to make a decision no later than July 12. Please call or text him at 402-358-0932, or stop by the parsonage with your thoughts!

THANK YOU to those who came to mow the cemetery this past week. Your help is greatly appreciated.

MISSING! If anyone has seen a soft cover hymnal, please turn it in to the church office. It belongs to one of our members.

CHURCH QUESTIONNAIRES: Please return your church questionnaires, which were either mailed or put in your bulletin boxes.

THE LUTHERAN HOUR —“Bringing Christ to the Nations and the Nations to the Church” on WJAG each Sunday at 7:30 A.M. and 12:30 P.M. Today: “Unhelmed” Speaker: Rev. Dr. Michael Zeigler Are you living in the reality of life as it is right now, life as it will be, or somewhere in between? (Matt 6:1-18)

THIS IS THE LIFE AND WORSHIP SERVICES THROUGH MAIN STREET LIVING are held each Sunday on KCAU-9 from Sioux City at 10:00 and 10:30 respectively. Today “The Reluctant Witness” – An angler’s well planned fishing trip is interrupted when he becomes a witness to a crime and struggles with the aftermath. The worship service today is led by Rev. Bruce Lesemann from St. John’s Lutheran Church in Storm Lake, Iowa.

THE STATE FAIR BOARD has decided that due to Covid-19, all booth space rental agreements for the 2020 fair are cancelled. Thank you to those of you who were already planning to work in the LLL booth this year. We look forward to having all of you help man the booth in 2021! We have not yet received notification from fair staff on the possibilities for the LLL-sponsored State Fair worship service planned for Sunday, September 6. As soon as we have that information, we will pass it along to all of you.

THE QUILTING LADIES are in need of some good used flat sheets for the backs of their quilts. If you have anything your think they could use, please bring them to the church office and they will be picked up. Thank you!

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